SAVE with Standing Order Options (2023 Edition)

SAVE with Standing Order Options (2023 Edition)

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* Special discounted pricing available for Clergy and institutions listed in The Official Catholic Directory.

    SAVE by enrolling in our Standing Order program (Automatic Yearly Renewal). Standing Order begins with 2023 Edition.

    Includes FREE Shipping and Handling.

    * You are free to cancel standing order status at any time. However, we cannot accept cancellations AFTER you have received the current year edition. Absent extenuating circumstances, such cancellations will be applied to the next year's edition and the customer is expected to pay for the edition just received.

    Product Details

    • Available October 2023 (Digital Flipbook version available now)
    • ISBN: TBD
    • Edition: 2023
    • Item Weight: 7 pounds (est.)
    • Dimensions: 8.25" x 2.5" x 11 inches (est.)
    • 1,800 pages (print, est.); 2,100  (flipbook, est.)
    • Gold foil embossed cover