Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Official Catholic Directory (OCD)?

The Official Catholic Directory (OCD) is an annual publication containing over 1,800 pages of detailed information about the 30K+ entities that comprise the Catholic Church in the USA and the 80K+ clergy and laity that serve those entities.

Published in cooperation with The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the directory serves as a source for verifying the tax-exempt status of Catholic entities under the IRS/USCCB ‘Group Ruling.' For over 200 years the directory has been the 'Go To Source' for information on the Catholic Church in America.

For more information on the IRS/USCCB 'Group Ruling' and its connection to the OCD, please visit the USCCB's Group Ruling FAQs.

The directory is available in a printed book format or as a 'Digital Flipbook,' accessible online through an annual subscription.

What is the 'OCD Digital Flipbook?'

The OCD flipbook is a digital version of the traditional print OCD available as an annual subscription and accessible online 24/7 via 'single-simultaneous user' login credentials.

What is a 'standing order?'

A standing order is a way to request recurring shipments. Customers 'on standing order' have each new edition automatically fulfilled (print or DFB) and they are then invoiced or charged. Some customers favor this option as a way to receive the discounted price and to ensure they never miss an edition.


How much does it cost and how can I order?

Simply visit our Catalog and choose a product/format to view pricing and to place your order.

When will the 2023 edition book/digital flipbook be available?

The Official Catholic Directory, 2023 Edition is now available for immediate shipment or fulfillment if you order the Digital Flipbook.

Book: If you pre-order the book, it will ship on the scheduled publication date. If you order the book after the publication date, it will ship within 5 business days.

Digital Flipbook (DFB) The DFB be available on the publication date or sooner. If you place a new order for the DFB after publication, your login instructions/credentials will be emailed within 1-2 business days. Login instructions/credentials for new pre-orders will be emailed once the DFB is live.

If you have a standing order (auto-renewal), please use the same login instructions/credentials to access the new edition.

What is your return/refund policy?

--All claims must be submitted within 30 days of Invoice Date

--Claims must be submitted in writing through our Contact Us page.

--Claims must include your Customer ID / Account Number.

--Standing Orders CANNOT be cancelled AFTER books have shipped.

Standing Orders: Lower price is guaranteed for as long as you remain on automatic yearly renewal. You are free to cancel standing order status at any time. However, we cannot accept cancellations AFTER you have received the current year’s edition. Absent extenuating circumstances, such cancellations will be applied to the next year’s edition and the customer is expected to pay for the edition just received.

How can I purchase copies of past editions?

We have a limited inventory of older editions within the past ten years. Editions published more than ten years ago are not available. To confirm availability and price of an older edition published within the past 10 years, please use our Contact Us page and indicate the specific edition you're interested in.

How can I pay my invoice?

To pay by credit card, please request an online payment link via our Contact Us page.

To pay by check, mail the invoice with your check to: NRP Direct | 220 College Avenue, Suite 618 | Athens, GA 30601. Please be sure to write your invoice number on the check.

To request an invoice or to pay by electronic or wire transfer, please use our Contact Us page.


How can I get my Catholic entity/organization listed in the directory?

The application process begins with your (arch)diocesan chancery office. Your chancery will have the appropriate forms and will be able to guide you through the process. You may only be listed in the OCD if your application has passed through the application process for the diocese in which your ministry is located.

The chancery will be able to tell you when your application has been approved for inclusion by the diocesan attorney and the USCCB's general counsel's office. At that point, the chancery will pass the information to the OCD staff to be included in the directory.

How can I update my entity's listing for the next edition?

The OCD Online Update System is available to dioceses and entities in the Church for the purpose of updating and approving entity listings. The system is comprised of two distinct sites: 1) (for entities to update listings), and 2) (for diocesan admins to review, update, and approved or remove entities).

Both sites open in the fall for updating entity listings and personnel for the following year’s publication. The site remains open for about one month then closes for a roughly a one-month diocesan review period. At the end of the diocesan review period, the site also closes for the OCD editorial review process. Both sites then remain closed until the next update cycle begins the following fall.

Note about address changes. You may want to speak to your chancery office to see if the (arch)diocese requires any further documentation or if the address change places your organization into a different diocese.

Why can't I get into the OCD Online Update System?

When the updating period is over, the sites lock, and a banner is posted on the sites indicating they cannot be accessed.

Diocesan administrators have access to the site immediately after the updating period and may opt to make changes on behalf of organizations during the time they have access to the site.

Note: If the sites are open for editing and you still cannot access, please Contact Us.

How will I know when the OCD Online Update System is open for updates?

Email announcements for the opening of the site are sent to the OCD Contact at each entity as well as to the chancery offices. Please be sure to add our domain ( to your “safe senders” list so that our email notifications can be delivered to your inbox if you are the contact person for the organization.

Who is the contact person for my entity?

The contact person’s name, telephone number and email address are listed on the OCD Contact Info page of the record. Please be sure to verify this data when the site is open in the fall so that the correct person is notified to update for future editions.

How long does it take to update a listing?

This will vary by the size of the listing, but we estimate it will take on average about 5-10 minutes to update a listing.


Why does the OCD offer advertising and mailing lists/licenses?

These options provide avenues for OCD to connect carefully selected third parties who offer products and services of value to potential buyers in the Church. These efforts also help fund the compilation of the OCD in furtherance of our obligation to the Group Ruling.

How much does it cost to advertise?

Please download our advertising Media Kits for pricing.

How much does it cost to rent a mailing list or license a custom OCD dataset?

Please request a Data Card for a breakdown of our mailing list prices. If you are interested in licensing a custom OCD dataset, please Contact Us for pricing.


What is the IRS/USCCB Group Ruling and how does it relate to The Official Catholic Directory?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (“USCCB”) is the central organization holding a group exemption letter for Catholic religious, charitable, and educational organizations in the United States. The group ruling’s IRS Group Exemption Number, or GEN, is 0928. The USCCB group ruling establishes that Catholic organizations in the U.S. that are listed in the current edition of The Official Catholic Directory are recognized as exempt from federal income tax as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


For more information on the 'Group Ruling' and its connection with the OCD, please visit the USCCB's Group Ruling FAQs.

How do I verify my listing and page number?

To verify your recent listing and page number, you may purchase the page information for $100. Please use this payment link to make your purchase.

After your payment has been confirmed, our Editorial Team will contact you with the listing and page information.

I'm looking for data in a past edition of OCD. Can the staff research for me?

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of back editions in the office. There are several institutions that have extensive/complete collections of the directory where you may be able to get research assistance. These are:

  • --Georgetown University library in Washington DC 202-687-7607 and Saint Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie in Yonkers, NY 914-367-8255. Both organizations have complete collections of the directory.
    --Catholic University of America Tel: 202-319-5070
    --Archdiocese of Chicago Archives and Records Center, 711 W. Monroe, Chicago IL 60661. Tel: 312-534-4400.


Please Contact Us for assistance.